out|right1 [ˈautraıt] adj [only before noun]
1.) clear and direct
an outright refusal
an outright attack on his actions
2.) complete and total
an outright victory
an outright ban on the sale of tobacco
3.) the outright winner/victor
someone who has definitely and easily won
outright 2
out|right2 [autˈraıt] adv
1.) clearly and directly, without trying to hide your feelings or intentions
If she asked me outright , I'd tell her.
2.) clearly and completely
She won outright.
They rejected the deal outright .
3.) buy/own sth outright
to own something such as a house completely because you have paid the full price with your own money
4.) immediately and without any delay
The passenger was killed outright .
They fired her outright.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.